Traci Harmon-Hay

In this series, Harmon-Hay reflects on her ongoing life as a hobbyist beekeeper by commenting on human’s relationship to beauty. “We put such emphasis on perfectly manicured and colorful landscapes with no thought as to how this need affects the bees,” she says. Her representation of the struggles of man versus nature, with the perfect symmetry of the background patterns as the setting for the industrious and vulnerable bee, underscores her hope that both beauty and survival will prevail.

Harmon-Hay received her BFA in illustration and painting from the Maryland Institute of Art and studied with Fritz Briggs of the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore. Represented by New York’s Creative Freelancers, Harmon-Hay cofounded Studio Six, an illustration co-op. Her clients included the Washington Times, Baltimore Sun, Nation’s Business Magazine, Yankee Publishing and Cambell’s. She owned the Harmon Gallery in Wellfleet from 2000 until 2014, and continues to exhibit her work there along with many other locally- and nationally- renowned artists. She has also exhibited her work at the Left Bank Gallery, Bromfield Gallery and the Cahoon Museum. She is a member and teacher at PAAM and Castle Hill. She lives in Wellfleet with her husband and two daughters.