Robert La Pointe

The human body offers almost unlimited variations of form. Sometimes boldly, often subtley, light and shadow reveal muscle stretched over bone when the body is in a state of stress or repose–exposing hidden evidence of what we are. It is these organic, abstract shapes that I explore in my drawings. I’m particularly interested in points of transition and termination, usually found when the body is in motion. The inspiration for my drawings comes from a variety of sources, from classical Greek sculpture to modern photography.

Figure drawing has been a life long journey. After over four decades of work, my pieces have grown in scale to just under life size. Working on 300 pound watercolor paper has made it possible: each piece of paper is hand-toned with multiple washes of color, creating a stable archival surface. With vine- and compressed-charcoal, drawing becomes almost like a sculpture, allowing me to push the dark into the paper and pull forward the light.

Robert La Pointe’s work is in numerous corporate and private collections. He lives in Wellfleet with his wife and daughter.