David du Busc

David du Busc has photographed professionally since 1979. His specialties became architectural and corporate photography. His personal work has followed a more varied path. He has produced bodies of work, exclusively in black and white, in film formats large and small, on a broad range of subjects. Some of which are: faith healing in Mexico, show dogs, racing greyhounds, bar life, kettle ponds on the Outer Cape [printed in platinum], fish [printed in platinum] and, of course, Wellfleet oysters [printed in platinum]. His prints are produced by both contemporary and antique methods. He is largely self-taught, and had help along the way from Dick Durrance II, Norman McGrath and Sal Lopes. He taught briefly at Project, Inc. in Cambridge, MA. du Busc likes his architectural photographs sharp, but a little blur in his personal work is just fine.