Beth Seiser

This series of paintings of clocks and chairs entitled, “Hurry Up and Wait,” explores Seiser’s relationship with time: it often rockets by and on other occasions seems to stand still. “I’m a fundamentally an impatient person, I think,” she says, “Although only my closest friends would describe me like that.” Although she is often rushing around, even employing the phrase “Chop Chop” to her students and her family, Seiser also loves to lounge about and has an affinity for beautiful chairs and sofas. “Making time to sit and enjoy life is so important,” she says. “And yet there is a sense of urgency, of time moving so quickly, of things yet undone.”

Seiser is a graduate of Nauset Regional High School, Hampshire College and studied as a Fulbright scholar in Singapore. A mother of two teenage boys, she lives and paints and teaches and reads in Eastham and Wellfleet.